Virtual dating services are catching more and more new users in their networks daily. It is an unusual platform that allows even a fairly busy person to find happiness. Why are dating sites so popular? Here is more about that. 

The evolution of dating services

Today, there are exactly 25 of the largest social networks in the world. With their help, people communicate, create content, listen to music, watch movies, and even get to know each other. Research shows that people have become significantly less likely to meet their lovers in real life but are more likely to find a partner online. The first dating site appeared in 1995. At first, it was popular among those who had difficulty getting to know reality, such as high-tech fans and gays. Gradually, however, online dating gained success among young people. In the 2010s, dating apps went mobile with the rise of smartphones. 2013 was marked by the release of the Tinder application, which allows you to choose a potential partner with one swipe of your finger on the screen. The ease of use has made the application very popular. After that, many other similar services like Teamo were developed.

Teamo – more opportunities for dating

According to researcher Joshua Ortega from the University of Essex, the emergence of dating services has contributed to developing a harmonious society. Online dating has completely changed the system in which people are limited in their social circle by social status and location. When people meet on the Internet, they establish social connections that previously could not arise. 

There are no boundaries in a virtual environment. Users can find love not only in another city but also on another continent. Thanks to the wide choice on platform, people could search for a couple from an unlimited number of applicants, set filters, and choose a lover according to strict criteria.